The JDF Momento project

Created by Jason and Chi before Jason’s death.
Jason wished to record his personal messages in a ring for his fans.

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Recording: June 6th 2022

I will be there by your side, always.

Last June, Jason wanted to create The JDF Momento project to save his personal messages in the rings to share his with you. I did not know this will come too soon.

Each design will comes with the above the original JDF’s messages and loaded with his personal photos.

I am with you, always

Tap your phone to
the ring to hear Jason messages

wave 1

Get exclusive content from
Jason David Frank

Tap your phone to
the ring to hear Jason messages

Get exclusive content from Jason David Frank

wave 1

In Memories of JDF, order yours today & keep his memories forever.


How does it work?

It's easy to access a JDF Momento

  1. Download the Galatea Jewelry App
  2. Create an account
  3. Open the app and press read to access JDF’s Memories
  4. You also can add new recordings to the JDF Jewelry.

To learn more on how to use Galatea Jewelry App, click here.

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Saving memories

Access JDF Exclusive photos and private memories . You also can add your personal memories with JDF Momento jewelry.

No batteries needed

The NFC chip in your JDF Momento® runs without any type of battery and will work with any NFC-enabled smartphone.


JDF Momento are waterproof.

Galatea Jewelry Momento App

The JDF Momento app is free and comes with 1 GB of storage. However, a subscription will be required if you exceed the 1 GB storage limit.

Frequently Asked questions

What is JDF Momento NFC Technology?

The technology behind the JDF Momento Jewelry is called NFC
“Near Field Communication.” It’s already in your phone
(iPhone 7 & newer) and Android Smartphone.
NFC (Near Field Communication) is a technology that allows for communication between two objects or devices via transfer of data, text, photos and video. One of the core components of NFC jewelry which contains a small chip and antenna and stores some form of data that is programmed (written) on to the jewelry. Commonly these tags are use in your contactless credit card to make payment with a tap.

What model phones are compatible with JDF Momento Jewelry?

iPhone 7 or newer ( iOS 11) and all Android NFC-enabled phones are compatible. You can find this out by going into your settings and turning on NFC. NFC is the same technology used for Apple pay and Google pay.

Does it work without an app?

yes, users don’t need an app to read the JDF Momento Jewelry but do need to sign in if they wish to save or share a recording. With iphone, iOS 12 and newer will work without an app. With Android, a new user just touches the NFC to the phone and it will download the app instantly.

How about the sensitivity of JDF Momento Jewelry? How far does it need to be to read the tag?

It should be 5mm to 10mmmm from your phone. It very close to protects other from access to your jewelry. This is why it called near field communication.

Is it water proof?

  • It is waterproof
  • Safe in an ultrasonic cleaner
  • Heat tolerant up to 175F degrees

Does it need a battery?

No battery is needed ever. The JDF Momento NFC technology is being inducted or charged when your phone is near the jewelry.

What do most customers save with JFD Momento jewelry?

  1.  Movie, Music album
  2. Family photos album, wedding vows and vaction memories.
  3. Children’s images from birth and beyond
  4. Uploading a school’s yearbook and videos of sport championship games  and more.

Can I sell this JDF Momento Jewelry to another collector?

Yes, this collectible jewelry can be bought and sold to other collectors. The new owner of the jewelry only needs to make a recording to the jewelry to take ownership of it and the previous owner will no long have access to it.

How long will the NFC last?

Regular NFC lasts a few years. Momento NFC technology uses the finest chip and hardware and is designed to last 50 years.

Does users need an Internet connection when storing their info in JDF MomentoJewelry?

Yes, you do need internet to save and share messages if this is a new message. You don’t need internet if the message was previous saved in your phone. However, it will record and store your important recording locally on your phone until network is available again, then you can save it back in your gem and save it on the cloud.

We know the memory of NFC is very small? Do users store their info in the NFC tag or cloud?

We save it in the NFC chip to a limited data allowed, in your phone and on the cloud in unlimited data. The NFC chip stores limited data. Your phone and cloud provide unlimited data.
Simply just think of our JDF Momento NFC as your USB key and a Dropbox. It is new medium that is a hardware and a cloud-based technology in one.

Why is most NFC jewelry that I see online made from plastic or ceramic, not fine jewelry or precious metal?

Good question. Radio frequency signals can only transmit through non-conductive material. This is why your wireless phone cannot work under a metal housing. Scientists call this a Faraday’s cages. However, Momento NFC technolgy is the first and only company in the history of NFC that performs in a metal design. I’d have to kill you if I tell you how! Just kidding, you can learn more in our patents.

What make JDF Momento NFC technology different from other NFC in the market?

Most NFC in the past is designed only to trigger and take you to a URL link. Momento NFC allows you to share data, and interact with multiple users. Your info is stored in the chip, in the phone and on the cloud for safe keeping.

What about ring sizing and soldering?

Size an NFC ring the same way you would size an emerald or opal ring: You must avoid excessive heat over 200°F.
You can use water to protect the setting when sizing the ring. Use of a laser is preferred if at all possible

Can I use rhodium, gold or any kind of plating on NFC Jewelry?

You can plate the metal used in NFC jewelry the same way you would with other jewelry.

Patent by Momento technology

1-Method and apparatus for virtually writing to a nfc chip #US20190122010A1
2-Article of jewelry with hidden near field communication #US9824310B2
3-Jewelry head formed of ferite magnetic material for use with near field communication #US10897968B2
4-Jewelry with security bezel for regulating near field communication #US10108900B2
5-Ring for use in near field communication (NFC) #US10509994B1
6-Ring with near field communication (NFC) technology #USD786119S1
7-Use of gemstones with embedded near field communication chips for communication with NFC enabled devices. #US9444524B2

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About the inventor

Momento was invented by Chi Huynh,  an award-winning jewelry designer with over 25 years of experience in the business of jewelry ideas and creations. He has won several awards in the jewelry industry and many other accolades in other fields of invention and art.

•JCK Jeweler Choice Award
• In-Store Magazine Award
• Culture Pearl Association of America’s Visionary Award
• JDF Momento Collection is a subsidiary of Galatea Jewelry corp.
• Patent by Chi Huynh, PT NO., and 5 other utility patent. Contact us for more info.

About The JDF Momento Collection

Jason was a big fan of my Capitan collection, particularly the story and meanings behind the designs. He asked me to create rings with NFC technology so that he could record personal messages for his fans. I remember jokingly telling him, “With this ring, you can live on with your fans forever”. He smiled and replied, “This is awesome, brother!” Little did I know that he would leave us so soon after.

Jason pointed out that since my rings were made of 14kt gold, many of his fans would not be able to afford them. He suggested that we make them in silver as well, since it was important to him to share his messages and spirit with as many fans as possible. I agreed, and we added silver rings to the collection alongside the gold ones.

The gold ring featuring Jason’s image on this website is the original ring before we added the NFC technology. Unfortunately, we did not take any pictures of Jason with the new rings before he passed away. However, all of the rings listed here include his messages embedded in them.

If you would like to have the exact same ring that Jason is wearing in the picture, note that it will be in 14kt gold but will not the technology for his messages. However, all of the rings listed here do have his messages embedded in them.